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Empower International Program

The LifeLine team can support abroad duties (in the US or outside the US), which include, but are not limited to:

(1) Assessment: The LifeLine team will understand what is needed with your organization and the region you are servicing

(2) Empower: The LifeLine team will assist in empowering your team to create the necessary programming to support entrepreneurs

(3) Program: Implementing technical assistance program that includes 1 Blitz session of all 3 tracks and events associated

(4) Trade Events: The LifeLine team will support trade shows globally

(5) Referrals: Leveraging LifeLine referral sources.

(6) Annual State Trip: LifeLine will coordinate an annual trip for up to three participants of the program

(7) Trade Missions: LifeLine team travels on a monthly basis for global connections

(8) Information: The LifeLine team will provide monthly/quarterly reports on activity including statics of programming

At program kickoff, we work with your organization to:

  • Gather information
  • Confirm understanding
  • Plan program delivery so that your organization has a clear program action and deliverables

Grow International Program

This program expands on the EMPOWER INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM by:

  • Implementing technical assistance program that includes 2 sessions of all 3 tracks and events associated 
  • An annual report on trends in the region, from the region
  • Special reports from insiders in the region on policy and content, as well as contacts
  • Support all marketing activities to insure business culture matches the region
  • Create reports on the annual mission with key next action steps
  • Involve organization team in some key meetings hosted by the LL team in Michigan
  • Support some activities of the organization while we are in the region

Launch International Program

This program adds the following to the GROW INTERNATIONAL Program:

  • Full time staff support in supported state
  • Full time staff support in the region
  • Implementing technical assistance program that includes quarterly session of all 3 tracks and events associated   
  • Special events  & program supports in the region and in the state
  • Support other overall objectives for the region
  • Administrative & Branding support
  • Monthly meeting or phone call updates
  • Quarterly strategic planning meeting for the state
  • Any additional on-demand needs
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