LifeLine Global Consulting

Who We Are

Since 2010, LifeLine Global Consulting Services, LLC has helped over 10,000 individuals bring their business ideas into reality by coaching, training, and connecting entrepreneurs with resources and continuous support for their endeavors.

LifeLine fulfills its mission of helping individuals in the Detroit area by providing access to resources that accelerate personal development, creating effective strategies, and developing strong business plans. Our goal is to build thriving local ecosystems by empowering others to change their lives through entrepreneurship, facilitating the launch of small businesses, and supporting business owners as they grow sustainable futures.


Dr. Nicole S. Parker

Dr. Nicole has been widely recognized for her distinctive voice and insight on the journey of entrepreneurship. After becoming the first African American woman to own a Tuffy Auto Service franchise in 2006 and running her own multi-million-dollar company, Nicole launched LifeLine Global Business Consulting Services. She subsequently founded LifeLine Business Consulting Services and has since coached thousands of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of entrepreneurship and receive millions of dollars in funding.

Nicole’s mission is clear: Inspire minority and women business owners to realize their dreams. LifeLine Global Business Consulting Services provides intensive training and coaching business development programs and is widely recognized as a leader in economic development through the tools of entrepreneurial training and development removing barriers of entry for entrepreneurs starting and growing their business.


Carla McDonald

Carla has strong experience in business principles, curriculum development and coaching principles as it relates to entrepreneurial ventures. She is responsible for ensuring all instructors implement the course curriculum to meet the needs and interests of the students involved, as well as the interests of the sponsoring institutions.

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