Economic Development Package

We work with organizations to improve the social and economic development by providing targeted activities and programs, such as resources, technical assistance, funding options, amongst others, that enhance the wellbeing and quality of life of our community members.

The economic development package includes the following:

Track 1:

Jumpstart Your Business Success

Participants will learn:

  • Basic fundamentals of business
  • Concepts of business planning
  • How to access funding and resources to start your business
  • How to network and introduce your business concept / Elevator Pitch


  • Complete company registration
  • Complete and receive EIN application
  • Complete concept paper
Track 2:

Business Plan

Participants will learn:

  • How to structure a “fundable” business plan
  • Analyze start-up cost and determine project needs
  • How to develop a 3-5 minute pitch


  • Rough draft of business plan
  • Startup cost projections
Track 3:

Projected Financials

Participants will learn:

  • How to understand a business budget 
  • Understand fixed and variable expenses
  • How to calculate staffing fees and costs
  • How to estimate expenses necessary to run the business
  • How to project sales
  • The key elements to complete a successful pitch deck 


  • Completed powerpoint pitch deck 
  • Completed 5 year financial projections 
  • Basic loan packet checklist completed 

Events Included:

  • Show Me The Money Event: Panel discussion of all funding opportunities 
  • Business Showcase: Display and soft pitch to funders and investors to receive feedback
  • Formal Pitch Competition Bootcamp track: 3 participants have the chance to win “Winning Startup Dollars” (Dollar amount TBD) 

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